Scadlab software

ScadLab is software applied for research and project signal processing procedures in intensive noises in different information control systems, technological processes, means of communications, navigation, radar and other measurement systems

ScadLab provides solutions:

  • Modeling of random processes with given probabilistic characteristics;
  • Research of statistical characteristic of linear and nonlinear processing operators;
  • Structural optimization of signal processing operators in different noises;
  • Parametric optimization of algorithm of the DSP processors in measuring and other information-computing systems;
  • Spectral-statistical data and DSP algorithms analysis;

Suitable and Recommended

Education in technical universities

  • Theory of signals
  • Radio circuits and signals
  • Digital signal processing
  • Applied math statistics

Industrial engineering

Researching and projecting algorithms for detection, measurement and filtering of the signal in intense noises with unknown characteristics for special DSP processors.

Common usage

The architecture of the software allows User to organise heuristic search of effective signal processing procedures on set of the superpositions of elementary operators.


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